This unit is responsible for the distribution of the Silicone range in major industries such as Automotive, Transportation, Appliances, Telecommunications and more. These engineered materials provide Insulation, Dielectric Protection, Thermal stability and long term reliability.

The products marketed within this unit are used mainly as processing aids in chemical and food processes e.g. the product line consists of Silicone Defoamers and Antifoams, Silicone release emulsions. Performance key benefits include defoaming, improved wetting, lubricity and water repellance. Included in the Process range of silicones is the Auto Appearance Chemicals.

Based on modified Siloxanes/Silicones these product groups offer a wide range of applications. Used in paints and coatings, textile finishes, paper coatings, printing ink. These products offer improved adhesion, heat and weather resistance, water resistance.

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