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Mobile internet is fast becoming the number one choice for internet users around the world. Statistics have shown that by 2014 mobile internet will take over desktop usage, leaving the question: Will your website be ready?

ISP Technologies understand that in order to have a successful and competitive website your clients need to be able to access your website from anywhere. Research predicts that in 2014 mobile internet usage will surpass fixed internet usage as more users start accessing the internet through tablets and smart-phones.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is one of the latest buzzwords in the web designing world and although the idea has been around for a while it still isn't as widely implemented as it should be.

In essence it is the process of designing a website that will respond to fit the device that is being used to view the website.

Responsive Web Design

The days of creating a website to fit one device are over, and if companies do not follow suite and educate their clients about the new technologies and approaches available they will end up being left in the dust!

Although many of the technologies and practices implemented by ISP Technologies are still very new we take pride in staying on top of the game and delivering web solutions that you will be happy to have for a long time coming.

Examples of Websites That Work Well With Responsive Web Designs

  • Blogs
  • Websites that primarily focus on providing information
  • News websites
  • Forums

Adaptive Web Design

Whoa! What's with all this * web design mumbo jumbo? We know, it can get quite confusing. Luckily it's our job to worry about it! Essentially adaptive web design is the process of creating a true mobile design that differs completely from the desktop or laptop version. A good example of this is shown below:

Adaptive Web Design

Examples of Websites That Work Well With Adaptive Web Designs

  • eCommerce websites
  • Community websites (like Facebook)
  • Companies that provide a service directly from their website